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As women, beautiful decor is a must but our guests’ experience is essential. Beyond aesthetics, at JSC Events & Co. we set ourselves apart by designing events that combine empowerment with thoughtful accents. 


We believe an event should be remembered for more than a moment. How do we leave that type of lasting impression? We create an experience.

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Beautiful Wedding Venue
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Our specialties include:

  • Women’s Conferences

  • Galas

  • Prayer Breakfasts

  • Wellness Retreats

  • Empowerment Brunches

Anyone can deliver beautiful aesthetics, but our secret is we’ve mastered providing an experience. What your guests see, hear, and feel at your event, ultimately, helps them determine if they will attend again in the future - or if they’ll tell others to attend.

Providing a memorable experience is key to having a well-attended event year after year.

As your event planner, we work with clients to create faith-based events that look AND feel top-tier. We handle the details so that behind the scenes our clients can be excited and stress-free!


With us, creating an event goes beyond guest swag bags and pretty table arrangements — that means we work with clients to ensure that every detail is covered from start to finish.


We go a step further by partnering with the client to provide a plan to market the event and on-site logistics if needed. We believe an event should be remembered for more than a moment.

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